Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where were they?

Saturday night I went to the Vancouver Symphony at the Orpheum. Houses recently have been pretty good for the symphony but Saturday was dramatically different. I had to keep looking behind me because I couldn't believe how small the attendance was. The sides of the theatre were all but empty as were the acres of seats behind me, and I was in row 16 on the aisle. What must it have been like in the balcony?

Not once all night did I have to get to my feet to make way for someone else. In my row there was only one other person, down at the end.

It didn't take long to suppose that the usurious new parking rates must be behind it -- also the parking meters' now being in effect until 10 p.m. Stretching my legs, I gave thanks for the consideration and courtesy of Gregor Robertson and City Hall.

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  1. Hi Lloyd, I like your new blog. The Olympics is it. I had 8 out of 11 courses cancelled at VCC downtown this term. People don't want to come downtown this winter. They have heeded the warnings and they just don't want to pay the money for parking and ... have to search for expensive parking. It's over until after the Olympics and the meters until 10:00pm!!! What a cash grab for the city. So mean spirited!!!!! Bernie