Sunday, February 7, 2010


The down side about the computer is that it instantly turned everybody into a "writer" and "critic."
Case in point, some crank called "Goldorak," though this very likely isn't his or her real name--it's so much more convenient to hide behind a pseudonym. It allows you to be brave.
This nut job won't quit. Three or four times I've had "Goldorak" snipe from the sidelines about something I'd written. First, I'd criticized some concert and "Goldorak" chimed in with the fanciful theory that everybody should get his money back for that concert. Some intelligent person swiftly shot that one down, saying, with a live event, you pay your money, you take your chances.
The next time, "Goldorak" came up with a reactionary screed about a concert I didn't even like very much. He didn't either, apparently, though I doubt he'd even gone.
One thing is clear, "Goldorak" isn't blessed with the ability to read.
Most recently, "Goldorak" sounded off about Yuri Bashmet, the Russian violist who's coming with his Moscow Soloists to play at the Orpheum. "Goldorak" claimed he's a has-been and is always drunk onstage. That wasn't my impression the last time I heard him recently.
I know it's inadvisable to even mention cranks like "Goldorak" because the minute you do, it empowers them and you become part of their delusional system. But this person writes a lot and it's always something stupid and cranky.
If you're unlucky enough to come across the name "Goldorak", take it with a pound of salt.

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